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Pray for the People of Henan

Henan province was hit by torrential rain last month resulting in widespread flooding that resulted in loss of life, dramatic rescues, and extensive damage. Christians in the area responded with pleas for prayer.

Chinese Church Voices

Responding in a Time of Testing

As Christians in China enter a "tumultuous time," a brother stresses the need for a peaceful stance towards authorities and the danger of spreading rumors.

Chinese Church Voices

Why China Needs a Higher Righteousness

In June, video footage of a tragic traffic accident surfaced online, once again prompting questions of morality in Chinese society by Chinese netizens. The incident occurred on April 21 in Zhumadian, Henan province. The video shows a woman who was blindsided by one car while crossing the street and left there by pedestrians. Several people and several cars pass through the intersection without stopping to help. Sadly, the woman is struck again by another car and killed. In this article from the journal Territory, Pastor An analyzes the incident and comments that a cold wave of self-righteousness has swept through Chinese society and says, “what we need is a higher righteousness” to counter this wave of self-righteousness.

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Here’s a question for you: what was the capital of China when Jesus was born? If you said Luoyang, in Henan province, then you are correct! It was the capital of the Han Dynasty, which lasted from 206 BC to AD 220.