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A Prayer of Thanks before the Gaokao

A mother shares how she and her son prayed together for his gaokao exam.

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Advice for Parents on the Eve of College Entrance Exams

Recently, high school seniors across China sat for the infamous gaokao, or National College Entrance Examination. While pressure on students during this time is extremely high, parents of students also feel intense stress over their child’s performance. This article attempts to reassure Christian parents of their child’s worth.

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Encouragement for the “Gaokao” and for Life

"Do not be afraid because God is with you! It is a joy to be tested because Jesus is in you!"

Chinese Church Voices

A Three-Self Pastor Prays for Those Taking the “Gaokao”

Last week millions of Chinese high school students took the annual two-day college entrance exam know as, the gaokao. For these students and their families, much of their young lives have led up to this moment. Many of their future hopes and dreams also ride on their exam scores.

While stress ran high, Chen Fengsheng, a Three-Self pastor in Wenzhou, offered this prayer for the gaokao season.

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Nanjing Church Serves “Gaokao” Parents

A church finds a way to minister to families facing the stress of the gaokao, the Chinese national university entrance examination.

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Defects in the Chinese Education System‬

In this “special report” in the Christian Times, a reporter talks with a Christian woman who runs a homeschooling academy in Guangzhou about her thoughts on the Chinese education system.

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A Pastor’s Thoughts on the “Gao Kao”

A Chinese pastor offers encouragement to parents whose children are preparing to take the annual college entrance examination.