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Twenty Quotes from Faithful Disobedience

Wang Yi said, “We have an opportunity to demonstrate to society what the church is; why spiritual authority should not be in the hands of those who wield the sword; why we can…endure external governance but cannot allow our faith, worship, teaching, …and members to come under the state’s review and control.”

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Peace in Detention

An account in three points by a believer who was detained in Chengdu.

Chinese Church Voices

When the Police Come Knocking

A Guide for Churches

Guidelines for pastors and church staff on how the church should respond to government intervention, including what to do when the police come knocking at your door.

Chinese Church Voices

Praying the Ten Commandments for China

The following is a translation of an excerpt of a sermon preached by Wang Yi, pastor of Early Rain Reformed Church in Chengdu. In this sermon, he proposes the Ten Commandments as a model to pray for China. For each commandment he highlights some relevant statistics about Chinese society. The sermon, titled “How to Pray for China” was originally posted on Pastor Wang Yi’s WeChat public account.  

Chinese Church Voices

A Foolish Way to Build the Church

For this post, we have translated a sermon given by Pastor Wang Yi, of Early Rain Reformed Church, one of the prominent house churches in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. In it, Pastor Wang reflects on what it means to build a church. 

Chinese Church Voices

A Petitioners Fellowship in Chengdu

One of the ways that people in China have of dealing with injustice is the administrative system known as petitioning.