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Chinese Church Voices

When a Loved One Is Drawn into a Cult

Heretical cults are active in China. How should friends and family members respond when they suspect a loved one is being drawn into a cult?

Chinese Church Voices

5 Important Issues for 2020

A Christian in Fujian province shares what he thinks Christians in China should be paying attention to this year. 

Chinese Church Voices

Cults and the Rural Church

Rural areas are especially at risk for false teaching. The danger of cults, says Brother Liu, cannot be taken lightly.

Chinese Church Voices

Cult Activity in China Impacts Churches

While the number of Christians continues to grow in China, so too does the number of cults active in China.

Chinese Church Voices

Cults on Social Media

A warning against false teachings being spread on WeChat.

The Lantern

Shining Light on China’s Cults

The phenomenal growth of China’s church has, justifiably, given rise to much discussion about how Christianity will impact China’s future...Beneath the upbeat reports of the church’s growing numbers and influence, however, is the harsh reality that unprecedented growth accompanied by a severe shortage of trained leadership has left the church increasingly vulnerable to cults and heresies.

Blog Entries

Cults in China

Last year members of the Almighty God sect savagely attacked a customer in a McDonald’s in northeast China after she refused to give them her cell phone number. Formerly known as Eastern Lightning, the Almighty God sect has emerged as one of the most active cults in China.

Peoples of China

Chinese Cults, Sects, and Heresies

The author provides a brief overview of ten cults active in today’s China. First, he gives the cult’s name and any additional names it is known by. Next, he identifies the founder and any leaders giving a brief summary of their backgrounds. Finally, he discusses areas of concern including major points at which the cult’s teachings diverge from those of orthodox Christianity. 

Book Reviews

Refuting False Teachings by Untwisting the Scripture

Geisler and Rhodes provide a valuable reference tool for anyone looking for help in refuting various false teachings. After discussing the definition of a cult, they give an overview of the doctrinal, sociological, and moral characteristics of cults. To untwist a Scriptural interpretation, they supply a Scripture reference that raises an important question, an explanation of the common misinterpretation of the passage, and an explanation of the correct interpretation.


Confronting the Cults

The editor's point of view...