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The Chinese Church: Great Progress and Great Work Yet to Be Done

The growth of the Chinese church over the past several decades cannot be overstated. What the Lord has accomplished is truly beyond anything we could have ever asked or imagined.

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Why Crosses? Why Zhejiang?

The massive campaign against church crosses in China’s Zhejiang province is in the news again with the release this month of the US State Department’s 2015 Report on International Religious Freedom.

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Another Perspective on the Wenzhou Crackdown

With literally hundreds of crosses falling prey to overzealous local officials in Wenzhou and neighboring cities, the region once seen as a bastion of extraordinary religious freedom is now the subject of worldwide attention due to an equally extraordinary crackdown on its churches.

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Change Brought about by the Cross

In the online Christian magazine Kuanye, a contributor who had experienced a horrific car accident testifies how church members rallied to show support. The writer's own response to the incident is contrasted with how the writer probably would have responded had it happened before knowing Christ.