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Chinese Culture and Christianity: Diving into the Archives

ChinaSource Summer School Session 1

Chinese culture is a rich and complex topic, and we’ve created a reading (and listening!) list from our archives for you to immerse yourself in this subject.

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Barriers to Apologizing, Part 2

Li Qiang said, “Chinese culture has moralized everything. Someone who makes a mistake is seen as flawed, deficient, and having shortcomings. A person who has not made mistakes is morally higher.”

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Barriers to Apologizing, Part 1

Should Li Qiang behave according to the general expectations of the superior person and not apologize? Or should he obey the Bible, confess his sin, apologize, and face whatever possible negative repercussions there may be, if or when they come?

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An Elephant in the Room: Face

In our conflict resolution conversations, conflict coaching, and mediation help, face is sometimes the elephant in the room—if never acknowledged and addressed, reconciliation is hindered. Let’s address the elephant in the room and develop a new God-centered orientation to face.

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Are You in Conflict?

As Christians in China study biblical peacemaking, many have had personal aha moments…they now see that conflict starts in the heart and that avoiding addressing the root heart issues in order to “avoid conflict,” only results in the heart conflict remaining.

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China’s New Civil Religion

A Challenge and Opportunity for Engagement: Public Lecture

China is…in the midst of a religious boom, which the government is trying to use to further its grip on power… But can authoritarianism and religious life coexist?

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Examining Patterns in Chinese Religiosity

Reflecting on “Chinese Christianity in the Modern Era” (2)

Chinese religiosity’s orientation toward cultivating the goodness of human nature in the everyday, societal, and cosmic spheres of life can be found in the diverse threads that make up modern Chinese Christian movements.

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Will History Repeat Itself?

Whether a century ago or today, whatever our China stories may purport to tell us about being apolitical, of “leaving our politics at the door” or “staying out of politics,” one of the hard lessons of history is that foreign Christian involvement in China is unavoidably political.

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Rest? Is It Permitted?

Some Observations on Rest in the Chinese Cultural Context

What is the Chinese concept of rest? How does it interact with the Chinese values of shame and “face”? The author explores these topics and their interaction with the biblical teaching about rest.

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Spiritual Awakenings and Reawakenings

The Great Awakening in China (2)

During the 1980s, more and more people in China turned to religion. The turn toward religion included young and old, rural and urban, people who were nearly illiterate and university professors. While many came to Christianity, others returned to Confucianism, Islam, and Buddhism.