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Chinese Church Voices

A Shanghai Pastor Reflects on Challenges Facing the Church in China

Christianity in China is entering a new stage in the church-state relationship. How should the church respond?

Chinese Church Voices

Listening to Pastors in China, Part 1

What challenges do Chinese pastors face? How do they find support in the church? From other pastors? The journal ChurchChina recently published an article detailing these issues with interviews from prominent pastors in China. 

Chinese Church Voices

Five Major Challenges Facing the Church

"Faith is not just a beautiful adornment added to our lives; it encompasses our entire lives. Truth is not a set of ideas or theories, but personal realities for which one can live and die." This article presents a detailed analysis of the challenges facing the church in todays society. It was originally posted on the Sina blog of Xing Pinghuang, and later re-posted on the Gospel Times website.