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Who’s in Charge?

As with many Christian China narratives, the questions we ask shape the storyline. If “Who’s in charge?” is not the right question, attempts to answer it will undoubtedly prove unsatisfactory. Perhaps a better starting point would be, “How shall we lead together?”

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The Chinese Church Does Missions (2) Beyond China

ChinaSource Summer School Session 5

For the fifth and last session of summer school, we’re following Chinese cross-cultural workers as they seek to fulfill the great commission. We’re also sitting at the feet of several missiologists as they discuss and debate the challenges facing the Chinese church as it sends its people out.

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Chinese Mission at the Crossroads

Now as China’s church reengages in mission, the question of how the gospel will be conveyed cross culturally and what kind of churches will result is central to the long-term success of the Chinese mission movement.

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Spirit-Empowered Chinese House Churches (1)

Rural Revival

The religious passion of Christian peasants encouraged them to rethink traditional understandings of Christian life and ministry. Before 2000, house churches focused their mission primarily on domestic China, but after 2000, this focus shifted from China to other countries resulting in two international mission movements.

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Who Will Be China’s Issachar Tribe?

 . . . those who have understanding of the times and know what should be done to reach the unreached.

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Is “Back to Jerusalem” Biblical?

The Gospel will be taken to nations by obedient servants who hear God’s voice and devote themselves wholeheartedly to mission. This issue cannot be solved by money or power. In order for Chinese Churches to become missional churches they need sound ministry, systematic training, and an effective mission strategy. Ezra Jin

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Looking Back on an Emerging Missions Movement

Understanding “Back to Jerusalem,” one of the roots of today’s missions movement from China.

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What Should the Chinese Church Pass on to the Nations? Part 1

Earlier this month, the mainland publication Church China published a long article examining the importance of solid theological preparation for Chinese involved in the Great Commission. What follows in this post, and next week’s post are translated portions of the article, along with short summaries and observations (in italics) by the translator.

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Chinese Indigenous Missions

A Reading Round-Up

On December 31, Christianity Today published a piece titled “Made in China: The Next Mass Missionary Movement.” This article provides an excellent introduction to the topic and some of the related issues.

To help provide context and background, we thought now would be a good time to highlight some of the resources that ChinaSource has published on the topic over the years. We hope these will be helpful to those wanting to learn more.

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The “Preach Everywhere Gospel Band”

Many people in the West are familiar with the Back to Jerusalem Movement, which refers to a movement of Chinese Christians to take the gospel to Central Asia, and then "back to Jerusalem."

Fewer people, perhaps, are aware of the fact that this movement, or vision, is not something new; it really began in the 1940's when God called a group of Chinese believers to take the Gospel to Northwest China (Xinjiang) and Central Asia. They formed a team called the "Preach Everywhere Gospel Band," and fanned out across Xinjiang.