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Bridging the Divide in Asian American Churches

A Book Review

Shin, Benjamin C. and Takagi Silzer, Sheryl, Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities in Asian American Life and Ministry (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2016), pp. xvi + 197, paper. Available from Wipf and Stock and Amazon. A recent Christianity Today article looked at how unrest in Hong Kong is spilling over into […]

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American Factory

A Film Review

American Factory Directed by Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar, Higher Ground Productions USA; 2019; 115 minutes in duration English and Mandarin, with English subtitles Available on Netflix. I was counting down the days until American Factory would start showing on Netflix. From everything I had heard about the film it sounded like a […]

Peoples of China

Studying in America

Challenges, Differences and Outcomes

[…] never will. I was always thinking how hard it would be for me to adjust to the new culture, what if I was not accepted by the American students and teachers, and how long it would take for my English ability to match up to the school’s standard. During the two years I was […]

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Next Generation Missions

Indigitous Serve

For many Asian Americans in the church, very few see a place for themselves in global missions. Furthermore, even fewer are ever encouraged to pursue global missions full time. What if there was another way for Asian American young adults to be involved in global missions? Indigitous Serve cohorts help young adults find their […]

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Transpacific Transposition: 1965 to Present

History of Chinese Christianity in North America (3)

The author brings us to the present by giving five factors that since 1965 have created the awakening and dominance of independent-minded and indigenous evangelicalism in North American Chinese Christianity.

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Lesson from a Pool in Wenzhou: Opportunities for Chinese Students in American High Schools

[…] their home culture and educational system plus the implementing of the "6 C's plus Leadership" learned in America, will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow in their country. The American Christian school movement has a unique opportunity to invest in Chinese teenagers who may someday lead one of the most important countries of the world.

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The “Model Minority” Myth in the Chinese American Church

Today's Challenges

In the United States, Asian Americans, including Chinese Americans, have been presented as sterling examples of immigrants who have ascended through the ranks to achieve the American dream. Lee explores this concept, how Chinese Americans see themselves, and the impact of this perception upon their faith and church life.

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Caring for Chinese Teenagers in American High Schools

[…] learned some valuable lessons that we can share as other schools consider this opportunity. Are They Prepared? Students who are most likely to be successful in an American high school will come equipped with certain skills before they arrive. They need to have the intellectual capacity to learn another language and be intrinsically motivated […]

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Saving China, Saving Ourselves: 1911–1965

History of Chinese Christianity in North America (2)

[…] As debates between reformist and revolutionary advocates intensified, Chinese Christians were deeply engaged. They believed that China’s salvation required integrating Western technological prowess and spiritual values (i.e., American democratic ideas and Christian faith) into Chinese cultural heritage. Before the Sino-Japanese conflict of the 1930s, this optimistic point of view made sense.1 One of the […]

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Chinese vs American Family

Don’t Tell Me What to Do!

When I was a teenager, I wondered why my American friends would brag about disobeying their parents—at home or in public. I sometimes disagreed with my parents, but I would never disagree with them face-to-face, much less in public. During my graduate studies about culture, I learned that the American family fosters what is […]