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Preparing for Christmas‬

Churches in China (both registered and unregistered) are taking advantage of the popularity of Christmas to teach people about the true meaning of the festival.


International Student Ministry in China

There are almost half a million international students in China, arriving from every corner of the globe. Here cultural complexity meets contextual limitations and gospel opportunities. Among this mixed, dynamic and growing field of ambitious influencers are the leaders of the future. How can the global church embrace this gospel opportunity?

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Zooming to New Frontiers

How the Covid-19 shutdown and a 21st-century piece of technology were used to help change traditional forms of the Chinese church—at least for a while.


ZGBriefs | July 6, 2017

China, House Churches, and the Growth of the Kingdom (June 29, 2017, Christianity Today)
What goes on in China matters to the Church worldwide; soon, it will be the country with the largest Christian population and, in time, it might have the world’s largest missionary force. When Jesus said He would build His Church, He surely had China in mind.

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Convergence or Divergence?

Chinese Culture in a Globalized World

Japanese-American scholar Fukuyama introduced the notion of "the end of history," proporting that the world was now one and history should come to an end. Others have claimed that globalization has "leveled the playing field." And yet others view globalization quite differently. The real question is how we should view the changes in China's culture and its influence in light of the globalization of the economy during the last thirty years.

Chinese Church Voices

Paying the Price – An Interview with a Shenzhen Pastor about Cross-Cultural Missions (Part 2)

On November 26, the mainland site Christian Times published a long interview with a house church pastor in Shenzhen who has been leading short-term mission trips to Burma and other neighboring countries for several years. The title of the piece is “Shenzhen Pastor Talks about the Joy and Pain of Cross-Cultural Missions, Calling on the Church to Have the Courage to Pay the Price."

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Insights from a 19th Century Welshman

A Webinar on the Life and Ministry of Timothy Richard.

Are there lessons to be learned about effective cross-cultural work from a 19th  century Welsh Baptist missionary? According to Dr. Andrew Kaiser the answer is a resounding yes!

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The Lord’s Prayer

At least in the denominational circles that I am a part of, saying the Lord’s Prayer together seems to have fallen by the wayside. I have no idea why, and I have found myself recently wishing that we recited it more.

Chinese Church Voices

Marriage, a Child, or Both?

When a child is born in China, the parents must register him/her and obtain a hukou (household registration certificate). When a couple recently went to register their child, they were told that, since they were not married, they would have to pay a 40,000 yuan “social maintenance fee.” Not having that amount of money, they launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to pay the fee. Their story garnered a lot of attention and prompted discussion on social media. It was even covered by The New York Times.

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Change in the Right Direction

December news from ChinaSource.