Ministering Cross-Culturally

Ken Anderson shares his thoughts and experience to encourage workers in their efforts to minister cross-culturally. He reflects on important topics, including the opportunities and challenges of the Chinese mission context, ways to approach indigenization, worldview transformation, and cultural flexibility. He tells lots of real-world stories, illustrating his ideas with compassion and humor.

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Crossing Cultures: Ethnocentric Conversion

The Apostle Peter’s ethnocentric conversion exploded into fullness through an unanticipated personal interaction with Cornelius, a gentile military officer who lived out his fear of God in household leadership, generosity, and constant prayer (Acts 10:1–2).

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Crossing Cultures: Table Manners

Ministering cross-culturally is critical for fruitful missionary engagement. As the Chinese missionary movement matures and expands and goes where no man or woman of the gospel has gone before, cross-cultural ministry praxis will become increasingly critical.