Ministering Cross-Culturally

Ken Anderson shares his thoughts and experience to encourage workers in their efforts to minister cross-culturally. He reflects on important topics, including the opportunities and challenges of the Chinese mission context, ways to approach indigenization, worldview transformation, and cultural flexibility. He tells lots of real-world stories, illustrating his ideas with compassion and humor.

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Crossing Cultures: Conveying the Gospel

Worldviews are extraordinarily resistant to change, and archetypical cultural and gospel metaphors shape how missionaries convey the gospel across cultural boundaries. That is why it is so important for Chinese missiologists to “understand and critically integrate” imported cultural and metaphor worldview presuppositions lest what they “staunchly affirmed as biblical may have had more to do with nurturing cultural mores…than with God’s eternal truth,” as Brent Fulton writes.

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Crossing Cultures: The Promise and the Blessing

As with Abram, so with us: we are the beneficiaries of that promise and blessing. We are invited to leave, to go, to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with Jesus Christ, the living image of our living God. Going includes learning to minister cross-culturally. That is our blessing, our calling, our mission.

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Sharing the Gospel: Franchise or Indigenization?

Nothing succeeds like success, and many Christian ministries have adopted a franchise-like pattern based on a founder’s compelling vision facilitated by a highly structured and quality-controlled delivery system…[But] can the gospel be franchised? I think not.

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Crossing Cultures: Capacity and Insight

Expectations for new missionaries as well as for their sending bodies should include a long-term developmental perspective that recognizes on-field difficulties as expected and as the normative shaping events God intentionally uses to develop cross-cultural ministry capacity.

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Crossing Cultures: Ethnocentric Conversion

The Apostle Peter’s ethnocentric conversion exploded into fullness through an unanticipated personal interaction with Cornelius, a gentile military officer who lived out his fear of God in household leadership, generosity, and constant prayer (Acts 10:1–2).

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Crossing Cultures: Table Manners

Ministering cross-culturally is critical for fruitful missionary engagement. As the Chinese missionary movement matures and expands and goes where no man or woman of the gospel has gone before, cross-cultural ministry praxis will become increasingly critical.