Exploring Christianity and Culture in China: Today and Yesterday

An ongoing, public lecture series co-hosted by the US-China Catholic Association, China Academic Consortium, and ChinaSource.


Christian Theology in a Chinese Idiom

A Webinar on Reshaping the Conversation

The Christian theological conversation spans two millennia. Recently, however, more and more scholars have begun to recognize that, in the words of Andrew Walls, "the theological agenda is cultural induced; and the cross-cultural diffusion of Christian faith invariably makes creative theological activity a necessity." What does that look like in practice? Doesn't that lead to syncretism? Can't we just teach a pure gospel?


Real Lives of Real Missionaries

A Webinar on the Life and Ministry of Timothy Richard

Are there lessons to be learned about effective cross-cultural work from a 19th century Welsh Baptist missionary? According to Dr. Andrew Kaiser the answer is a resounding yes!