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“Mission China 2030” in Korea

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The mainland site China Christian Daily recently reported on the Mission China 2030 conference held in Jeju, Korea last month. It is part of a movement in the Chinese church to send 20,000 missionaries out from China by the year 2030. Brent Fulton was one of the speakers at the first Mission China 2030 in Hong Kong last year, leading a workshop on the” vital need for Chinese to connect to existing multi-national mission networks already operating in many of the areas where the Chinese church is mobilizing missionaries.”

2nd International Conference on "Mission China 2030" Closed in Jeju, Korea

The second conference of "Mission China 2030" convened in Jeju Seong-ahn Church from September 27 to September 30, 2016 in South Korea. The theme of the conference was "Sons of Peace," from Matthew 5:9—"Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons of God."

The official WeChat account of the campaign, called “Mission China Today,” reported that over a thousand pastors and believers attended the conference in Korea to continue to move forward the vision of "sending 20,000 Chinese missionaries overseas by the year 2030."

Flags of different countries were suspended at the top of the entrance into the church to demonstrate its commitment for ecumenical evangelism.

In his address to the participants during the opening ceremony on September 27, Rev. Jin Mingri, the president of this conference, stated that mission was both a command from the Lord Jesus and a response from the Chinese church to God's call to be a part of his mission in the past century. 

The first Mission China 2030 was held in Hong Kong last year. To promote and advance the goals of that conference, this second conference included specific discussions on mission theory, building a missions-oriented church, outreach to minority ethnic groups, overseas Chinese ministries, and cross-cultural and overseas missions.

During the three days of the conference, several speakers were invited to share the morning message of mission or spiritual devotion. These included Doug Birdsall, the honorary chairman of the Lausanne Movement, Rev. James Hudson Taylor IV, the great-great grandson of James Hudson Taylor, Rev. Sang-Bok David Kim, who served as chairman of both the Asia Evangelical Alliance and the World Evangelical Alliance, Rev. James Shia, secretary of Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association, and Rev. Li Shengfeng, a former pastor from Beijing. 

In addition to these talks, afternoon workshops were held covering such topics as evangelism in the workplace, missions to Africa, outreach to Muslims, church welcome ministries, campus ministries, and church planting.

The first "Mission China 2030" conference was held in Hong Kong from September 28 to October 1, 2015. At that time the vision of the conference was introduced—to send 20,000 missionaries to the world, especially to the Arab countries in the Middle East and to countries in Central Asia.

Original article: “宣教中国2030”第二届会议济州岛圣安教会落幕 (Christian Times)
English Translation: Second International Conference on Mission China 2030 Closed in Jeju, Korea (China Christian Daily)
Adapted and edited with permission.

Header image credit: Jeju Island by MIN-Photo via Flickr.
Text image credit: China Christian Daily
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