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Sorting Rumor from Fact?

Look for the Red Chop

Distinguishing facts from rumors is never an easy endeavor, but it is even more difficult in China, where official information is often lacking.

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Sinicization: China Only for the Chinese

Sinicization attempts to close the Chinese mind to all that is not CCP-approved and to once again shut the window on the world.

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5 Things I Loved about Christmas in China

The act of sharing with students the richness of Christmas and the significance of God coming down to be with us is humbling and beautiful.

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Red Lines

Seeking to understand and pray for Early Rain Covenant Church. 

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Who Will Be China’s Issachar Tribe?

 . . . those who have understanding of the times and know what should be done to reach the unreached.

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The Challenge of Being the Church in China

Being the church in China is a growing challenge. Are registered churches affected? How are they responding?

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3 Questions: Julia Grosser

20 Years of CSQ

Observations on 20 years of involvement with the ChinaSource Quarterly.

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A Meeting of Minds

20 Years of Publishing ChinaSource

Looking back at 20 years of the ChinaSource Quarterly.

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“The Mind of a Missionary”

A Book Review

A fast-moving and fascinating survey of missionary stories that doesn’t just tell what happened but also why it happened.

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2 New Christian Books

 . . . available now in China.