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“Joy Up”

Earlier this month, The Economist published an interesting look at the popularity of Christmas in China, a country that is officially atheist, and makes no room for any official celebration of the holiday.

Chinese Church Voices

Preparing for Christmas‬

Churches in China (both registered and unregistered) are taking advantage of the popularity of Christmas to teach people about the true meaning of the festival.

The Lantern

Now That China Is Number One

By at least some calculations, the size of China’s economy exceeded that of the United States this month, putting China in first place. Setting aside the fine points of those calculations (which will likely be the subject of much debate for some time to come), it is clear that China’s economic rise has had far-reaching consequences –including for the Body of Christ – both domestically and internationally,.

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A Ten-Year Visa

This afternoon the good folks at FEDEX delivered a small package to my house, and it wasn’t even a Christmas present. In fact, it was something better — my passport, with a brand-spanking-new Ten-year, multiple entry tourist visa to China.

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Don’t Ignore Marxism

Much is written these days about what makes China tick. It's the pragmatism. It's nationalism, and the desire to be a player on the world stage. It's "socialism with Chinese characteristics," which to some is just another way of saying capitalism.

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Traditional Chinese Christmas Songs: 《欢乐佳音歌》 & 《圣诞感恩歌》

Guest blogger Joel 大江 shares "some genuine Chinese Christmas songs, as in songs written by Chinese in Chinese and in a Chinese style, rather than sounding like corrupted English songs." This post originally appeared at China Hope Live on December 9, 2012. 

Chinese Church Voices

Church Schools or Home Schooling? Part 2

In September, the mainland site Christian Times published a piece originally posted on the China Home Schooling Alliance website about Christian education in China. In the article titled “Church Schools or Home Schooling?”, the author lays out what he believes to be the difference between Christian education conducted within a church setting and home schooling. He then sets out to argue that home schooling is the most effective way for Christians to educate their children.

The article provides an interesting glimpse into a conversation online taking place among Christians in China regarding an important issue. Due to the length of the original article, it is posted in two parts. Part 1 was posted on December 9, 2014.


China’s Next Generation

New China, New Church, New World

What a difference a decade makes! Over the last ten years the nation of China and the Chinese church have changed significantly; so has the world. It’s a new China. It’s a new church. It’s a new world. China’s Cultural Revolution that ended in the late 1970s was followed by a 20-year-long spiritual harvest spanning […]