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ChinaSource Quarterlies

Business in China

Vol. 8, No. 4

2006 Winter Issue


2006 China Business Conditions State of Affairs

A look at past and current business situations in China.


Open for Business

China is "open for business." This was not true twenty-five years ago. In order to "win" in China's marketplace, this author has found, inter alia, the following to be best practices.

View From the Wall

Between Riches and Poverty: Chinese Christian Business People

In China, the number of Christians is growing constantlyeven the official figure is increasing. The latest estimate from the TSPM/CCC is sixteen million Christians. Among these Christians are a group of people who are busy with their business on weekdays but worship God on weekends; they are the Chinese Christian business people.


The Shop Church: The Second Mile

Filling the gap for rural church planters working in urban factory areas, shop-churches provide both income and position for effective outreach to factory workers.

Lead Article

Business as Ministry

A look at one business that is being used effectively to bring the gospel to the people of one community.

Book Reviews

When East Meets West in the Market Place

One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China by James McGregor. New York: Free Press, 2005, 312 pp., ISBN: 0743258398, US$27.00.

Reviewed by Brent Fulton

Lead Article

Staying in China

The Issues

He was given twenty-four hours to leave the country. After a week of uncertainty, following an investigation by the police, it was finally made clear he was being expelled for "religious activities incompatible with his status as a foreign expert." Meanwhile, in another city, another foreigner is hailed as a true friend of China and given, what was at the time, the rare honor of permanent residence. These experiences of two equally committed Christian professionals, both of whom felt called to serve in China, are drastically different. There are several issues here, but clearly "retention" or longevity of in-country service is one of them.

Book Reviews

Flourishing in Demanding Environments

Stress and Trauma Handbook: Strategies for Flourishing in Demanding Environments edited by John Fawcett. 

Reviewed by Steve Spinella