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Vol. 8, No. 3

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Going the Distance

The editor's point of view.

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Staying in China

The Issues

He was given twenty-four hours to leave the country. After a week of uncertainty, following an investigation by the police, it was finally made clear he was being expelled for "religious activities incompatible with his status as a foreign expert." Meanwhile, in another city, another foreigner is hailed as a true friend of China and given, what was at the time, the rare honor of permanent residence. These experiences of two equally committed Christian professionals, both of whom felt called to serve in China, are drastically different. There are several issues here, but clearly "retention" or longevity of in-country service is one of them.

Supporting Article

The Challenge of Returning Chinese Scholars

With the number of Chinese scholars studying abroad increasing and many of them coming to faith in Christ, understanding the challenges they face in returning to China is vital for their ongoing spiritual growth. What is being done to deal with those challenges?

Supporting Article

The Road Home

Returnees Serving in China: An Interview

In the past few years, returning Chinese scholars have played an increasingly important role in China's economic construction. At the same time, more and more of them are returning with the goal of spreading the gospel. Is this an easy or difficult path to take? What obstacles does one encounter, and how can these be solved? What should one do to prepare to return?

The following interview with Chen Guoguang addresses these questions. Originally from Beijing, Chen worked in the U.S as an electrical engineer and also spent three years in seminary. In 1993, he returned to work in China with the goal of spreading the gospel. Looking back on these years, he has much in his heart to share with those who also have this goal.

Book Reviews

Flourishing in Demanding Environments

Stress and Trauma Handbook: Strategies for Flourishing in Demanding Environments edited by John Fawcett. 

Reviewed by Steve Spinella

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