Winter 2016


China Emerging as a Mission Sending Country

Be Watchful of Pitfalls

The guest editors' point of view.

Lead Article

The Church in China and World Evangelism

The author asks the question: “Is the Chinese church truly ready to face the task of world evangelism?” He goes on to discuss ten issues facing the mission endeavor as Chinese churches begin to send out workers. He addresses the focus of missions, its work, management, and goals among other topics. He also highlights the need for supportive care for the missionaries themselves.

Supporting Article

Working for, in, and with International Agencies

Many indigenous mission agencies have already been born in China; however, most are still in the beginning stages needing nurture, help, and support. Since Mr. Chang has worked with international mission agencies in China, he understands many of the issues faced by these new, indigenous organizations. More recently he, along with key leaders from several churches, got together and started to brainstorm about forming a local mission organization to bring God’s word to minority people groups in China.

Supporting Article

Problems and Proposed Solutions for Medical Missionaries Coming from China

Navigating a Pathway to Sustainable Chinese Medical Mission Participation

Chinese physicians who want to be missionaries outside of China face significant challenges. One of these is maintaining a Chinese medical license once outside the country. Another is obtaining the required continuing medical education units required by law. In addition, obtaining a license to practice medicine in another country is a difficult process. The author addresses these and other issues facing medical doctors who desire to do mission work and also suggests possible solutions for some of the difficulties.

Resource Corner

Two Tools for Cross-Cultural Missions from China

首要推荐的100 个国内族群(100 Priority Unreached People Groups in China)
A Catalog of Websites on Missions

Book Reviews

Adopting an Unreached People Group

A review of 首要推荐的100 个国内族群 (100 Priority Unreached People Groups in China) published by Mission China 2030.

Edited by two Chinese missiologists and available only in Chinese, this prayer guide lists the top 100 unreached people groups in China with the purpose of encouraging China’s churches to adopt these groups. In addition to listing China’s minority groups, it also contains an extensive article on the status of evangelization among minority people groups.

Peoples of China

The Tibetans in Gyairong Region

A Research Report

The author provides us with a research report on a Tibetan people group in the Gyairong region of Sichuan. He gives background and then traces his church’s involvement with this people group. He goes on to relate the history of missionary work among these people and lessons learned that can be helpful in bringing the gospel to them today.

View From the Wall

These Thirty Days

In order to experience his Muslim friends' Ramadan period, Rev. Mark chose to observe this Muslim holy month. He shares some of his experiences during that month and the lessons God taught him. He finds similarities between his experiences and those faced by Christian workers who cross cultures to share the gospel.