Winter 2005

Book Reviews

Living as Ambassadors of Christ

Walking with the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development by Bryant Myers. Maryknoll, NY, Orbis Books, 1999. 279 pages with index; soft cover; ISBN: 1570752753; $22.00.

A book review by Daniel Eyler

Peoples of China

His Hands Reaching Out to Those Affected by Disability in China

Stories of the lives of real people affected by disabilities show the scope of the challenges they face and the need for transformation in the services and resouces available to them and in the attitudes of the people in their communities.


A Larger Purpose

From the editor's desk.

View From the Wall

Soul and Body

The Need for Medical Services

An overview of the medical services situation in China reveals that the needs are still great and the potential for Christians to make an impact medically and spiritually remains.

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CHE in China

A brief overview of the CHE development models in use in China.

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Holistic Development in Yunnan Province

Much is being done in China to advance medical and community services in rural areas. One example, a potential model for other areas of China, is the Zhaotong Community Development Program in Yunnan Province.

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Hope for HIV/AIDS in China

The effect of HIV/AIDS is increasing and is expected to affect 5% of the Chinese population in the next 20 years. What is being done to address the medical issues and the social stigma of this devastating disease? What have Christians dealing with HIV/AIDS in Africa learned that can be applied to the situation in China?

Lead Article

Medical Work as Whole Person Transformation

Increasingly the work of foreign medical workers is being integrated into the local community and is enhancing both the medical effectiveness of the treatment and the social and spiritual impact upon the community and individuals. This holistic approach is making an impact on China.