Winter 2000

Lead Article

Telecommunications and the Internet in China

Among developing countries, China is number one in the pace at which telecommunication services and the Internet are being developed. These developments will contribute enormously to China’s modernization and integration into the global economy and may have significant domestic social and political impact. 

Supporting Article

Deploying Appropriate Technology

The church in China is already using new technology in minsitry. Is it effective? Are there principles to be followed in using technology to convey the gospel?


On the Way to the Future

The editor's perspective.

Supporting Article

Information, Relationships, and Confidentiality

A look at the implications for managing information for the church and those serving overseas.

View From the Wall

Email and Confucius

Is the rapid growth of the internet and information sharing technology a threat to the Chinese government? 

Supporting Article

Taking a New Look

In their recent book, Changing the Mind of Missions, James Engel and William Dyrness provide a challenge to the Western missions movement that is timely and on-point for all involved in seeking to advance the kingdom of God, and especially relevant to those of us whose focus is on China.

Peoples of China

Technology and Unreached Peoples

Will the technological advances taking place in China effectively bring the good news to the unreached peoples of China?

Book Reviews

Understanding China

Contemporary China by Alan Hunter and John Sexton.

Reviewed by Kim-kwong Chan