Summer 2004

ChinaSource Quarterlies

2008 Beijing Olympics

Vol. 6, No. 2

2004 Summer Issue


The Olympic Challenge

The editor's point of view . . .

Peoples of China

Chinese Athletes

Dedication, difficulties,and questions about what's next following an intense but relatively short career.

Lead Article

The Clash of Culture and Class in China’s “Olympic Era”

Many challenges face China today and have resulted in clashes of culture and class.

Supporting Article

Church and Community Sports Partnerships

Are there opportunities for churches in China to build on the increase in interest in sports due to the coming Beijing Olympics?

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Preparing for 2008

It's Not about the Olympics

It’s not about the Olympics or sports, but about what God is already doing in China.

Supporting Article

English and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games have never been awarded to a host country whose citizens did not have English as a common language. The promise to be the host city presented enormous language challenges to Beijing. Many of Beijing’s 13 million people will be working with the athletes and spectators. Nearly every walk of life will need bilingual English skills by 2008.

Book Reviews

Practical Advice for Chinese Relationships

Encountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans by Hu Wenzhong and Cornelius L. Grove. 

Reviewed by Sarah Doyle and G. Wright Doyle

Supporting Article

Preparing for China

Worth the Wait?

A resource for preparing to thrive in China.