Spring 2001

Lead Article

Is the Chinese Church Chinese Enough?

The Search for a More Chinese Theology

Is the Chinese church really just a Western church underneath, with its theology, hymnology, and ecclesiology borrowed from abroad? Is there a Chinese theology?  Has Christianity taken a truly indigenous form in China today? Is the Chinese church Chinese enough?


Toward a “Chinese” Theology

The editor's perspective.

View From the Wall

Converging Agendas

Religion, Socialism, and Theological Construction

At first glance the theological debate occurring within China’s official church may appear to be primarily a matter of disagreement over doctrine. However, as with most everything in China, there is also a political side to be considered. It is important to understand this political angle in order to keep the theological debate—and its effect upon the church—in proper perspective.

Peoples of China

Theology Or Theologies?

How does the diversity of China's ethnic population affect the development of Chinese theology?

Supporting Article

The Roots of Bishop K.H. Ting’s Theology

The 1930s up to the Cultural Revolution

The last year has seen the promotion by Bishop K. H. Ting (Ding Guangxin), former head of both the China Christian Council (CCC) and the Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), of a campaign for “theological construction” that is “compatible with socialism.” To understand this current movement we look back at Bishop Ting's early life and work.

Supporting Article

Into the Future

Ding’s Theology and China’s Church

Why one evangelical worker in China thinks the themes brought out in Bishop Ding's book Love Never Ends deserve serious consideration by those who are concerned about the state of Christianity in China.

Supporting Article

“Cultural Christians” and Chinese Theology

Who are China's "Cultural Christians? Will they influence the theology of the Chinese church?

Book Reviews

Christ on Trial

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.  

Chinese edition: Chong Shen Ye Su by Lee Strobel, translated by Li BoMing. 

Reviewed by John Peace