Tim Brookings

Tim Brookings (pseudonym) grew up in Massachusetts and went to university to study engineering, but soon felt God’s call into student ministry. He has lived in western China for most of the last 11 years, with a four-year gap from 2011 until May 2015 to study theology.  Beginning in August 2015, he has resumed life in western China. While he keeps up with his favorite Boston sports teams, he enjoys making friends and partnering with brothers and sisters in western China and other parts of the country.

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Real Relations and Real Connections

A Reader Responds to the Autumn CSQ

Whether campus ministry continues to happen primarily online, changes back to in-person, or becomes a hybrid version of the two, building relationships with students is key for the development of campus ministry.

Book Reviews

Campus Ministry in Pre-1949 China

A Book Review.

This brief volume covers David Adeney’s involvement in student ministry as well as events that occurred during that turbulent time in China—the backdrop of WWII, civil war, and the communist takeover.


Campus Ministry within Mainland China

From the desk of the guest editor.

Supporting Article

Campus Ministry in Mainland China

The Role of Foreigners, Past and Present

Brookings presents the shifting roles that foreigners have had in student ministry pre-1949 through the present. As awareness of the importance of this ministry increases, he considers how the role of foreigners continues to change.

Blog Entries

After Four Years Away

The Joys and Challenges of Re-entering China

In addition to the superficial, easy-to-spot changes in China, there are also subtle changes that may affect serving in China in significant ways.