Sean Cheng

Sean Cheng


Sean Cheng is a Chinese diaspora missionary in action, experienced Chinese Christian media editor, and veteran digital evangelist. He served as Asia Editor of Christianity Today (2022-24) and Director of Evangelism for Overseas Campus Ministries (2011-19) and manages the personal evangelistic webpage Jidian’s Links.


Blog Entries

Diaspora Missions Today

Challenges and Opportunities for the Overseas Chinese Church

Today, faced with the opportunities and challenges of diaspora missions brought about by globalization, the church should actively participate. We hope that God will give the church the spiritual vision and kingdom-mindedness to take part in diaspora missions, and that we will see opportunities for encouraging lay missions.

Supporting Article

Using New Media for Digital Evangelism on Chinese Cyberspace

Long-time internet missionary, Sean Cheng, discusses the ways that digital evangelism has changed over the last 28 years—from bulletin boards to online forums to blogs to social media. He also addresses the ways that government regulations have created both challenges and opportunities. Finally, he talks about the calling to internet ministry.