Ping-cheung Lo

Ping-cheung Lo

Dr. Ping-cheung “PC” Lo holds a PhD in Religious Ethics (Yale, 1990) and a PhD in Philosophy (SUNY at Buffalo, 1982). After completing a 31 year career of teaching and administration at Hong Kong Baptist University, he and his entire family relocated to Southern California in 2021. He taught for one year at Logos Evangelical Seminary before being recruited to be the first Academic Dean of the Chinese Studies Center at Fuller Theological Seminary (the Center was set up in 2021, replacing the China Initiative). He is concurrently appointed as the Dean and Rebecca Stephen Professor of Chinese Studies, offering one Chinese Studies course per year.

Blog Entries

Taking Chinese Spirituality Seriously

Engaging with Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist Spiritualities

Christians need to acknowledge a fact. We might disagree on whether Confucianism is a religion or not. But Confucianism, together with Daoism and Buddhism, are spiritual traditions that have provided “chicken soup” for Chinese souls for more than two thousand years.