Peter Anderson

Peter S. Anderson, former International Director of Jian Hua Foundation (JHF) and now Representative-at-Large for JHF, has worked with the Chinese for 40 years. He is a guest lecturer at Carey Baptist College in Auckland, New Zealand and pastor of Mairangi Bay Community Church.

Book Reviews

Scriptural Devotionals of God at Work in China

Making Pentecost Your Story: 50 Days of Reflection and Prayer by Robert Menzies
Reviewed by Peter S. Anderson

Following a brief overview of the church in China, this book provides 50 daily devotional readings covering seven weeks. Each reading begins with a well-chosen Scripture passage followed by a short story based on Dr Menzies’ own experiences with Christians in China.  

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Staying in China

The Issues

He was given twenty-four hours to leave the country. After a week of uncertainty, following an investigation by the police, it was finally made clear he was being expelled for "religious activities incompatible with his status as a foreign expert." Meanwhile, in another city, another foreigner is hailed as a true friend of China and given, what was at the time, the rare honor of permanent residence. These experiences of two equally committed Christian professionals, both of whom felt called to serve in China, are drastically different. There are several issues here, but clearly "retention" or longevity of in-country service is one of them.