Peace An

Peace An (pseudonym) is a member of a Chinese heritage church in LA County. She has an MA in Political Science and has taught students of different ages from elementary to community college. She currently works full-time as a risk consultant. Residing in California, Peace and her husband have been married for over 16 years and are raising their two children. For 15 years, she and her husband have served in various capacities such as children's and youth ministries, as well as counselors and Sunday school teachers. They have a heart to use their gifts to serve the church and God’s people.

Blog Entries

Christ’s Relevance to ABC Gen Z

Every day I pray for God to give me wisdom to eliminate any barriers between my daughter and me. I pray for ways to be able to speak to her and for her to have an open heart. I found that like me, there are many other Chinese Christian parents that share the same struggles.