Patrick Nachtigall

Patrick Nachtigall is the author of Passport of Faith: A Christian's Encounter with World Religions and Faith in the Future: Christianity's Interface with Globalization. He received an M.A. from Yale University and lives in Berlin.

Peoples of China

Finding the People in the People’s Republic

There are numerous challenges that could derail China's march to super-power status including a collapse of the banking system, regional disintegration, environmental disaster, and military miscalculations. However, perhaps the most likely factor to prevent China's rise will be the one the government can least do anything about: demography. China, as always, has too many people; now, however, it is also lacking in females, youth, and sooner rather than later, a workforce to support its retired population.

Supporting Article

Maybe It Doesn’t Take a Village

Globalization's Challenge to the Traditional Chinese Family

The effects of globalization are having a huge, lasting impact on China's families.