Mark Alexander


A Different Kind of Book Featuring China

Insights from Outside: Reflections from Mongolia, China & Siberian Russia

by Mark Alexander

A word from Brent Fulton

Mark's observations go beyond mere travelogue or commentary on the "weirdness" of other cultures. With warmth and humor he brings to life the peculiarities of places he has experienced (Mark's description of a child's first visit to the hairdresser is alone worth the price of the book). But he also does much more. Each carefully written piece is a parable that transcends culture, bringing larger than life meaning to otherwise ordinary life situations. Beautifully illustrated and artistically designed, Insights from Outside cleverly incorporates photographs and sketches that draw the reader further into the vignettes as they unfold.

Insights from Outside is currently on sale for Christmas at GBP3.10 (c.US$4.99*) a copy plus shipping, 5+ copies for GBP2.80 (c.US$4.49*) a copy plus shipping.

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An excerpt: Chinese Kites: Flying or Falling