Luke Cheng

Luke Cheng was born and raised in east China. After he graduated from college, he went to Canada to pursue graduate studies in engineering. He heard the gospel in a Bible study group on campus and became a follower of Jesus Christ. After finishing his PhD in computer engineering, he worked as a software engineer for ten years. In 2017, he resigned from his work and started full-time seminary studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He graduated with a ThM and joined Far East Broadcasting Company as the Executive Director of Chinese Ministries. Luke's passion is to share Christ with China through media and technology and help churches make disciples.

Supporting Article

Online Theological Training

Forty Years of Growth of Liangyou Theological Seminary

From a radio program to a fully online seminary, Liangyou Seminary has been a key institution for training and equipping pastors and leaders in China. Luke Cheng walks us through the seminary’s forty-year history, showcasing the ingenuity and perseverance necessary to get biblical training to China’s believers.