Lisa (pseudonym) has lived in Asia since 1995, serving China and working in the area of member care. She moved with her family to be a light among the people God had put on their hearts. After more than ten years the dream suddenly came to a halt and they had to leave the country heartbroken.

But it wasn’t the end, even if it felt like it at the time.  By God’s grace and the willingness to trust God again, she matched her own experience and her passion and empathy for people with professional experience and training and has since been journeying with many as they prepare to move to China, as they live the roller coaster life in the country with all the ups and downs. She has used her own experience to bless others and share some practical best practices.

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Why the Mother Tongue Matters

The Root of Connection and Cultural Vitality

Language is culture. Our mother tongue keeps our cultural heritage alive. The mother tongue helps us stay connected to our traditional, cultural values and our roots.

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New Opportunities as the Narrative Changes

These new opportunities are a great way to gather regularly to pray for China, to pray and ask our Father to show us what he has for the future [and] be a part of forming the new narrative for Chinese missions.

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Education for Chinese Christian Families—Another Way

Guardian visas for parents of young children studying abroad have opened another education opportunity for Christian families in China.

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Should We Still Consider China?

Seeing how long it takes to recruit and get a worker on the ground in China, I think that we are very wrong to stop recruiting for the Middle Kingdom. China is still a country with many who need Christ. Though the opportunities may be fewer and different, please don’t stop considering China!

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Yes, Yes, Yes—Member Care Is Part of the Mission

A Reader Responds to the Autumn 2022 ChinaSource Quarterly

While creating awareness for the need of member care for Chinese missionaries, I have struggled to find solid, culturally correct resources. This Quarterly is truly a gift with so much to discover, so much more than a wrapping and big ribbon.

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A New Year for Those Living in China’s New Normal

As we end one year and begin a new one, it’s time to look back and reflect—and take a deep breath, bracing ourselves for what is to come in 2022. And as we look back and prepare for the future, we do so with open hearts and anticipation, and with awareness of the world around us.

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Lingering COVID

I’m Fine but Sometimes I Don’t Feel That Way

I keep hearing that phrase, “back to normal,” over and over again as I care for people in China and its neighbouring countries. “No more lockdown and COVID is almost over, so we’re fine now” . . . or we think we should be.

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It’s Easter. It’s Been a Long Time. Why Am I Still Hurting?

Because that’s how grief works. It is not just a once in a lifetime thing, it comes back at unexpected moments.

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Counseling in China—More “Same Same, but Different”

In the wake of COVID-19, what is available and accepted for dealing with mental health issues?

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Lockdown Is Over, but Life Is Still Not Normal

Anxiety and depression have increased around the world during the coronavirus in 2020 and China is no exception.