Jon Kuert

After his first trip to China in 2001, Jon Kuert served as the director of AFC Global for seven years and was responsible for sending teams of students and volunteers to China and other parts of Asia. After that, he and his wife Elissa moved to Yunnan province where they lived for seven years. While in China, Jon taught English and led language and leadership hikes with university students. Together, he and Elissa also established a small business initiative to help rural Chinese women in difficult life situations. Currently, Jon lives in Minnesota and is the founder and director of Nihao MN, an international student organization dedicated to enriching the Chinese student experience through outdoor adventure and meals around the table.


ZGBriefs | May 23, 2024

Laugh in Translation: Shanghainese Comedy Stands Up to the Mainstream (May 17, 2024, Sixth Tone) Amid a surge of interest in local culture, young Chinese are reconnecting with their heritage through stand-up comedy in various dialects. Comedians are now drawing packed houses and even taking their acts overseas.


ZGBriefs | May 16, 2024

China’s Chang’e 6 Moon Mission is a Game Changer (May 13, 2024, The Diplomat) China’s bid to return lunar samples from the far side of the Moon will have long-term strategic and geopolitical implications.


ZGBriefs | May 9, 2024

Red Renaissance (May 6, 2024, China Media Project) In early February, Chinese media teemed with stories of cultural festivities in rural villages countrywide. In a “rural bookroom” in Xinjiang’s Ha’ermodun Village, a series of events “enriched the spiritual lives of villagers,” according to a local news release. More than 4,000 kilometers away, in Fujian’s Shuqiao Village, residents held a “Rural Spring Festival Gala” featuring song and dance performances. These and thousands of similar events across China’s vast rural hinterland are part of a concerted push to achieve what the Chinese Communist Party leadership has called the “revitalization of rural culture.”

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A Deserved Hearing

A Reader Responds to the Summer 2023 CSQ

As I read through the various submissions [in the summer 2023 CSQ], I realized that the topic of the Pentecostal church in China cannot be ignored, should be explored and could be instructive.

Supporting Article

China Never Left Us

A campus ministry worker shares how, after living in China and heeding God’s call, he and his wife began a ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic that provides opportunities for Chinese students studying in the US to experience local places and connect with local people.