John Zhang

John Zhang (pseudonym) is a member of a national mission agency in China focusing on partnership development across ministries. John has been involved in mission mobilization, leadership training, and field strategy development with a broad range of ministries for about 20 years. He serves in several agencies at the board level and networks with ministry leaders, from both churches and sending agencies, in joint observations and exchange of thoughts. He is also an active member of a think tank studying the importance of cultural shift in considering new ministry strategies for missionary training and evangelism. He currently lives in southern China.

Supporting Article

Ministry Insights under a Nationalistic Trend

China has switched to a totally different track that has become a main ideological thread: nationalism—with a whole generation following it. New NGO regulations and other laws leave little space for internationals, especially Westerners, to operate in China as before. Is it possible to present the gospel without a Western format?

Blog Entries

A Critique of “Leadership Ethics”

Another Look at the Summer CSQ

Issues of leadership, as part of this world’s struggles, should be addressed in depth. They go beyond “right” or “wrong,” or simply a part of “political correctness.” Leadership is at the core of how to effectively witness Jesus Christ in this generation.

Peoples of China

Current Needs for Missional China

The role of the church in China as it increasingly becomes a missionary-sending church is explored based on past experiences and lessons learned. The article considers the importance of developing a missionary strategy, providing adequate cross-cultural training that goes beyond the classroom and developing a comprehensive field coordination infrastructure. It also takes a brief look at the church in today's China.