John A. Swem

John Swem is the director of ChinaInsight, Inc. and a researcher for the Intercessor for China prayer calendar series. He lived in mainland China for more than a decade with his wife and their five children.

Book Reviews

God in China’s Marketplace

Holistic Entrepreneurs in China, Tetsunao Yamamori and Kim-Kwong Chan, 

A Review by John Swem

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What Is to be Our Role?

Hearing God’s Voice through the Church in China

In determining how the church outside of China can serve China's churches, it is essential to listen to Chinese Christians. This article is based on interviews and conversations the author had with leaders of churches in China and with expatriates who work with the church in China

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China’s Burgeoning Cities

Urbanization in China is occurring at an accelerated pace. What are its effects upon China and her people?