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Hannah Lau

Hannah Lau was born and raised in Canada. Growing up with immigrant parents from Hong Kong gave her a rich perspective on both Eastern and Western cultures. She has spent her adult life in Asia, beginning in China serving through work in the marketplace.

With a colorful and hard-earned career in corporate advertising, she uses her experience to support organizations and small businesses through Astera Asia, which she founded. She’s also the author of Wherever You Go and a public speaker, passionate about people, and how Christ can be an active part of their adventure.

She can be found on Twitter @HannahLau.


Wherever You Go

A Conversation about Life, Faith, and Courage

Strangers Corrie Lee and Keiko Suzuki have just graduated from university and moved to China to start their first jobs. Corrie believes that God has called her there, while Keiko is in it for the work experience. No matter the reason, life in China quickly becomes about more than just that.