CHEN Jing (pseudonym) is a theological educator teaching in North America and has been extensively involved in theological education for the church in China since the beginning of the 21st century.

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A Chinese Christian Exodus?

Due to a number of monumental changes in politics, economy, and society in mainland China over the past decade, Chinese emigration has apparently been accelerating steadily…. What caught our attention is the very obvious and strong presence of Christians in ongoing emigration from China. A couple of unofficial estimates put the percentage of Christians…at 15-20%.

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When the “Golden Age” Is Over

A Call for Missiological Reflection on China Missions of the Past Four Decades

If we grasp the opportunity offered by this moment, what might we discover about ourselves and our ministries that could well benefit the Chinese church, as well as the global church, and could even contribute to the birth of a new mission paradigm for the future just as what happened during the second half of the twentieth century?

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The Chinese Church in Transition

In my view, from the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976 to the present, the development of the Chinese church (primarily the house church) has gone through roughly three phases.

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The Chinese Church’s Context May Be More Complex than You Thought

Without grappling with the complex social and political context of the Chinese church, we are not able to fully understand why the church itself is so complex or how to develop a proper relationship with the church in China.

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The Chinese Church May Be More Complex than You Thought

When we talk about Protestant Christianity in contemporary China, two trademarks stand out: dual networks (Three-Self Patriotic Movement and house church movement), and strong governmental oversight or control of the church. However, they also point to a reality of great diversity, richness, and irony.

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Persecution: A Dangerous Opportunity for the Church in China?

Can the current persecution be an opportunity as well as a danger to the church in China? I think we should be confident at this point to say “yes.” This happened in biblical times, and is happening to the church in China of the 21st century, too.

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Reconciliation Is Good, But . . .

Is reconciliation between the Three-self church and house church possible?