CHEN Jing (pseudonym) is a theological educator teaching in North America and extensively involved in theological education for the church in China since the beginning of the 21st century.

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The Chinese Church May Be More Complex than You Thought

When we talk about Protestant Christianity in contemporary China, two trademarks stand out: dual networks (Three-Self Patriotic Movement and house church movement), and strong governmental oversight or control of the church. However, they also point to a reality of great diversity, richness, and irony.

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Persecution: A Dangerous Opportunity for the Church in China?

Can the current persecution be an opportunity as well as a danger to the church in China? I think we should be confident at this point to say “yes.” This happened in biblical times, and is happening to the church in China of the 21st century, too.

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Reconciliation Is Good, But . . .

Is reconciliation between the Three-self church and house church possible?