Whether your organization is just starting out in the China-ministry space, or you’ve been at it for decades, the one thing we all have in common is that we’re serving a changing China. 

Today it’s the new Overseas NGO Law but tomorrow it’ll be the revamping of religious regulations, or any number of the complicated social/political/cultural issues that are coming down the line.  

Those in the China-ministry space are facing unprecedented challenges and it’s difficult to stay ahead. While ChinaSource is committed to supporting the community with content and resources, when it comes down to a specific situation or organization, content is not enough.  

ChinaSource NGO Consulting Offering

With over 100 years of collective China-ministry experience, the ChinaSource team is strategically positioned to help bring knowledge, clarity, and insight to groups engaging with China. We aim to help you and your team navigate through the complexities and identify unique opportunities for service.

Our consulting services offer a variety of ways for organizations to receive the help they need. In light of the new Overseas NGO Law, we offer the following:

  • ChinaSource Law and Policy Monitor. A 2017 publication that includes major developments in the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law, interpretation and implications of new findings, case studies, resources, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Mini-Consultation—A one-hour phone call with a consultant from the ChinaSource team who will give an overview of the latest findings, implications, and present options for your organization that will help guide towards next steps.
  • Full-Consultation—A half-day face-to-face meeting with a consultant from the ChinaSource team who will take a more in-depth look at your organization’s situation, help your team understand the relevant areas of the new law and its implications, and draft an action plan for next steps. 

For more information on these services, please contact us at  

For those looking for consulting services that are not related to the new Overseas NGO Law, we welcome you to contact us as well at the same email address, we’d love to hear from you.