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Rickshaw Boy

A Book Review

Can poverty rob a man of his soul? Can betrayal by the things you love most break the constraints of the God-given conscience and society’s mores? Rickshaw Boy challenges the reader with these wrenching considerations. Though set in a bygone era in a culture that has since been transformed by globalization, Lao She speaks to us clearly—perhaps even more so than to his contemporaries.

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Opportunities in the Light of Kingdom Identities

As a Christian in Hong Kong, I am not only interested in the economic aspects of consolidation with our neighboring city; I am also interested in cross-border and cross-cultural exchanges of spiritual life between the communities. While the government creates synergy through conjoining the strengths of the two cities, we should explore whether the interaction between the Christians of the two locations can give rise to new opportunities for kingdom ministries.

The Lantern

Giving Thanks for His Peace

November news from ChinaSource.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (Part 9)

The First Missionaries to China’s Hui

The 19th century CIM pioneers teach us about patience, the need to focus on one people group, and the role of suffering. Later innovators like Harris teach us the value of contextualizing our language and lifestyle.

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Lingering COVID

I’m Fine but Sometimes I Don’t Feel That Way

I keep hearing that phrase, “back to normal,” over and over again as I care for people in China and its neighbouring countries. “No more lockdown and COVID is almost over, so we’re fine now” . . . or we think we should be.

Chinese Church Voices

Serving Believers in Flooded Shanxi

The story of how a church in JieXiu responded to the needs of a church and believers, devastated as a result of the torrential rains and flooding in Shanxi province.

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Keeping a Cow

Practical Language Learning, Then and Now

Language learning must be useful to be effective. What phrases and vocabulary were essential in years gone by, aren’t making it into the language textbooks of today.

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My Heart Aches for Shanxi but with Hope

In the midst of natural disasters, personal loss, and the return of COVID-related restrictions, believers in Shanxi find ways to serve and even expand opportunities to bless their communities.

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Making History

A Review of From Rebel to Ruler

A reflection on Party history from seeds planted in late imperial China to the present day. . . . a broad overview of the main characters, movements, and ideologies that have shaped the CCP.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (8)

Hui in a Globalizing China (Since 1978)

The Hui responded to China’s opening up in different ways. Some became secularized, others used their freedom to become more religious. Some embraced globalization while others kept their hearts and minds close to home.