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A Brief Q & A with Dr. Fenggang Yang at Purdue

An interview with Dr. Fenggang Yang about a new exchange program at Purdue University.

Chinese Church Voices

Interview with Yang Fenggang on the Oxford Symposium

An interview with Dr. Fenggang Yang, of Purdue University regarding the Forum for Chinese Theology Symposium. 

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3 Questions: Dr. Fenggang Yang

A ChinaSource "3 Questions" interview with Dr. Fenggang Yang, director of the Center on Religion and Chinse Society at Purdue University.

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Are Confucian Values Biblical?

In a recent interview in the ChinaSource Quarterly, Purdue professor Yang Fenggang is quoted as saying that "the Chinese Christian church has become an institutional base for passing on transformed Confucian values to younger generations." Dr. Yang, a sociologist and Director of the Center on Religion and Society at Purdue University, does not necessarily […]

The Lantern

Stagnancy Kills

[…] life.” As I was pondering Pastor Tom Hughe’s sermon on how Jesus breaks us out of spiritual stagnation, I thought back to last week’s series by Professor Yang Fenggang on the ChinaSource Blog, entitled “The Great Awakening in China.” In the first part, Dr. Yang observes, “In China, the current Great Awakening has lasted more than […]

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Red, Black, and Gray

Mapping Religion in China

Atlas of Religion in China: Social and Geographical Context, by Fenggang Yang; (Brill, 2018), ISBN-10: 9004358854, ISBN-13: 978-9004358850; 260 pages, hardcover. Available from the publisher and on Amazon. Since I am a lover of maps, I was thrilled at the publication of The Atlas of Religion in China: Social and Geographical Context by Dr. Fenggang Yang. […]

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Pentecostal Theology and the Chinese Church

[…] example, Hunter and Chan point out that Pentecostal values resonate with important features of Chinese folk religion and thus meet the felt-needs of many Chinese believers. Fenggang Yang argues that the vicissitudes in China created by the transition to a market economy have created a new kind of angst and the need for a […]


Where Are the Churches in China? And Why?

Geographical Patterns of Church Development

When thinking about missions, we don’t always consider geography, yet the five official religions in China are very geographically concentrated. Dr Fenggang Yang will discuss this in detail in an upcoming lecture.

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National Religion Surveys of China

[…] the current situation and growth of the Christian religious population. The first of these, the “Spiritual Life Study of Chinese Residents” was conducted in 2007 directed by Yang Fenggang1 of the Center on Religion and the Global East at Purdue University along with the Beijing-based Horizon Research Group responsible for implementation.2 This survey focused on […]

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The Tricolor Religious Market and the Growth of Christianity

The Great Awakening in China (3)

[…] at the Chautauqua Institute on June 29, 2021. The lecture has been lightly edited and reprinted with permission. Where Are the Churches in China? And Why? Professor Yang will present a webinar on Thursday June 16, 2022, entitled, “Where Are the Churches in China? And Why?” It will be a deep dive into the […]