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June 26, 2014

A compilation of important news from China this week, from around the Web. 

Blog Entries

A Ten-Year Visa

This afternoon the good folks at FEDEX delivered a small package to my house, and it wasn’t even a Christmas present. In fact, it was something better — my passport, with a brand-spanking-new Ten-year, multiple entry tourist visa to China.


ZGBriefs | July 18, 2019

China’s “5,000 Years of History”: Fact or Fiction? July 14, 2019, Radii China)
The recent elevation of the 5,300-year-old site of Liangzhu to UNESCO World Heritage status revives an old debate about modern China's historical narrative.


ZGBriefs | January 14, 2016

What Is Disappearing from Hong Kong (January 7, 2016, China File)
The recent disappearance of publisher Lee Po—allegedly kidnapped from Hong Kong and rendered to Mainland China—has prompted widespread alarm about the state of Hong Kong’s autonomy, both within the city and internationally.

Blog Entries

ZGBriefs The Weeks Top Picks, June 26 Issue

The articles that caught our eye in this week's ZGBriefs Newsletter fall within two large topicsChinese language and Confucianism.


September 5, 2013

A Novel Approach to Chinese History (September 1, 2013, ChinaSource Blog)

If you're a China buff, here are 10 books I recommend for learning about Chinese history through what I'm calling a novel approach. I've placed them chronologically in terms of Chinese history and instead of telling you much about the story, will share a bit about why you need to read it from a historical perspective. History, in this case, consists of both the well-known "big" events, and the lesser known daily events. Together, they are woven together to form the fabric of a society, culture, and people.

The Lantern

Socially Speaking

On June 4, ChinaSource conducted an online webinar entitled "Socially Speaking," in which we gave participants a behind the scenes look at how ChinaSource is utilizing the internet and social media to engage the Christian community around critical issues facing China. In this edition of the Lantern, we would like to share some of that content with you.


May 9, 2013

China Rising (May 4, 2013, Al Jazeera)

Special Series: After centuries of western dominance, the worlds centre of economic and political weight is shifting eastward. In just 30 years, China has risen from long-standing poverty to being the second largest economy in the world faster than any other country in history. From angry farmers to weary migrant workers, powerful politicians and everyone in between, what China says and does, has become of undeniable importance to the entire world.


October 11, 2012


The Chinese Church and the Global Body of Christ (October 5, 2012, ChinaSource Quarterly, via Chinese Church Voices)I believe these phenomena point to the dawning of a new era beginning in 2009. I believe that in the next 30 years, whether in breadth or in depth, the global body of Christ will connect with the Chinese church much more than before. I also see the church in China facing six challenges in the next 30 years. These challenges are not ours alone, but are for the global church as well.

Book Reviews

Constructing China’s Jerusalem

Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou

Nanlai Cao, a research assistant professor at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, gives us a unique and comprehensive analysis of the Wenzhou revival. His study pursuits in both China and Western metropolises, as well as his intimate connection with Wenzhou (native family connections through his mother and grandparents) offers him a perspective not otherwise readily possible.