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Women in China

A Look through the ChinaSource Archives

In honor of women’s month, we’ve highlighted the experiences of women in China ministry on the blog. Today, we’re expanding our lens to look back at articles published on how Chinese women’s lives have changed in the past century, how they are working in the church, and their triumphs and struggles.

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Praying for Urban Red-Light Outreach

Exploitation and Restoration

Let us pray for those who are still living in darkness and feel so stuck in the massage parlor in the urban villages. Let us pray for workers to reach them, for alternative jobs and safe houses to provide a way out, and for proper trauma counseling to help them process their past.

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Being a Foreign Woman in China

Challenges and Blessings

I was blessed to have lived and worked in China for much of my adulthood and be able to hold up my part of the sky. Does this contradict the point I made above about being limited by my gender? Life is more nuanced than blanket statements. Both are true for me, at times I felt limited by my gender and at times I felt not limited by it.

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Called and Faithful

Embracing Identity in God’s Service

Scripture forewarns us of life's trials, and Jesus' words in John 16:33 are a beacon: “In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” The path of pastoral ministry has its own inherent trials, and as a woman, these can be distinctive.

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More than Just “Good”

Our new identity in Christ allows us to bravely face everything that being a woman entails… Even if the world, Satan, or our own sin constantly seek to deceive us, we can, by fixing our eyes on God, bravely and strongly maintain our feminine identity.

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Meet the Missionaries Who Went to China

ChinaSource Summer School Session 3

God works through the lives of individual believers to spread the gospel and fulfill the great commission. In this post, we have rounded up several posts that look at multiple important missionaries from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Pentecost in China (1)


The author delves into the history of how Pentecostalism came to China in the late nineteenth century. He introduces us to early missionaries—including women—Chinese leaders, and revivals.

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7 Women Who Braved a Chaotic China

Through the Valley of the Shadow: Australian Women in War-torn China

The women were among the bravest missionaries to serve in China… The authors describe…fending off bandits, experiencing bombing, walking miles and miles to get food, enduring flea bombs dropped on their city, hiding in the woods from violent mobs, and more.

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How Christian Posters Shaped Evangelism in China, 1919–1950

Visions of Salvation—A Book Review

The Christian community contributed a third way to imagine national salvation, an equivalent force to the two major political parties, the Nationalists (KMT) and the Communists (CCP)…. Modernist and Fundamentalists… had a common political vision. They both embraced Chinese nationalism and portrayed Christ as the only power that could overcome imperialism.

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The Vital Role of Chinese Women in Evangelism

[T]he story of Christianity in China cannot be told without acknowledging the female evangelists and pastors who built the Chinese church.