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Learning from China about Student Ministry

A Reader Responds to the 2021 Summer CSQ

I have never been more convinced that the global church in the 21st century has much to learn from the Chinese church past and present. . . . Nyima Rongwu has lifted my eyes to learn from my Chinese brothers and sisters anew, and I am thankful.

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Why Do Chinese Come to Faith?

An Infographic from InterVarsity International Student Ministry

Data regarding church growth in China repurposed for campus ministry among Chinese international students.

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Student Ministry—Too Much for One Issue

A ChinaSource Perspective on the coming 2021 summer issue of CSQ, "Student Ministry in China."

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A Key Way that Christians around the World Can Contribute to Gospel Growth in China


Have you considered that the Chinese student you are connecting with may one day be a person of influence in China?

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Spanning the Gap for Returnees

Is your outreach to internationals causing students to get lost in the gap as they return to their home? Consider how to serve them better through partnership. 

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5 Things I Loved about Christmas in China

The act of sharing with students the richness of Christmas and the significance of God coming down to be with us is humbling and beautiful.

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Key Issues Impacting Returnees

Pre-return Preparation

Pre-return preparation—a key for assimilating returnee believers back into their families, churches, and society.

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Funny or Beautiful?

Teaching is full of first impressions and often they are not what the teacher is expecting.

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Wishing You a Balanced Christmas

Some things are just too good to keep to yourself, and Christmas is at the top of the list for an English teacher in China.

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My Private Space

In my twenty years in China I have had the privilege of being both a hostess and a guest. I count these times as priceless moments of learning and joy. The gift of hospitality—friendly, welcoming, and generous treatment offered to guests—is still ready and waiting to be opened.