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Sustainability and Stewardship in the Kingdom of God

As believers we can be a force for change while fulfilling our responsibility to Gods creation.This is one man's story.

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Responses to a Holistic Perspective on Transforming Nations, Part 2

ChinaSource asked for responses to Tom Jenning's article "A Holistic Perspective on Transforming Nations." The following, by Huo Shui, is the second of two responses that were given. Mike Barbalas responded in "Responses, Part 1."


Transforming Stewardship and Sustainability

From the editor's desk.


The Stewardship Gap

The editor's perspective...

Book Reviews

True Stewardship

Stewards in the Kingdom: A Theology of Life in All Its Fullness by R. Scott Rodin. 

Reviewed by Kerry Schottelkorb

Peoples of China

Stewardship in the Business Community

Chinese Christian business people are finding innovative ways to steward the resources God has given them.

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The Three-fold Call of the Leader as Steward

Christians need to be good stewards of their identity and their time. They also need to value "being" over "doing."

View From the Wall

A Good Steward

The Chinese church practiced stewardship of its God-given gifts and abilities in reaching out to those who suffered in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.