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Towards Authentic Contextualization

A Reader Responds

That this non-Western contextualizing will leave many of our Western theologies and “brands” diminished or transformed could encourage us to repent for the scandal of our divisions…and to redouble our efforts to fulfill one of the final earthly prayers of Jesus that “we all be one.”

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Half a Dozen Plenums

The Sixth Plenum just finished a four-day meeting. What might the resolution that came out of the meeting mean for the church in China?

ChinaSource Quarterlies

China’s Registered Church

One Body, One Spirit, One Hope
Vol. 22, No. 2

Autumn 2020

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The Registered Church in China

Flourishing in a Challenging Environment

This new publication, by Wayne Ten Harmsel, will soon be available. An excerpt from chapter three is included.

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Developments in Registered Church Ministry

Some observations of the impact of the religious regulations and Siniciation on Three-Self churches.

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Persecution and Sinicization in China

A Reading Round-up

Knowing what's happening and understanding the context. 

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7 Reasons Why Sinicization Is Not Rhetoric This Time

Isn't this just propaganda, empty threats, or show. Haven’t we seen similar programs rolled out in the past?

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“Sinicization” of Christianity—Understanding the Contexts

A look at the political, rhetorical, historical, and theological contexts of sinicization. 

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Sinicization: China Only for the Chinese

Sinicization attempts to close the Chinese mind to all that is not CCP-approved and to once again shut the window on the world.