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Chinese Christian Nonprofits and Reshaping Perceptions of Evangelism

Since Chinese Christians see evangelism as their most important mission, the author explores the evolving relationship between nonprofits and evangelism, as well as the significant impact on theology and practice that nonprofits can make.

View From the Wall

Opportunities and Challenges When Foreign Workers Leave China

A Chinese author reflects on the positives and negatives that leaders, seminaries, and churches face when cross-cultural workers leave the country.

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The Church, Its Impact on Society and Partnership with the International Christian Community

If there are to be more active and mature working relationships between foreign and local believers, it is essential that there be a better understanding of the degree to which local Chinese churches are poised to be able to take one the responsibility of helping their own communities and those beyond. The time may be ripe for there to be more dialogue on how foreign believers can transition from taking an active initiative in reaching out to local communities to that of taking on a more supportive, facilitative and mentoring role.

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A Holistic Perspective on Transforming Nations

What needs to happen if nations are to be impacted leading to transformation?


China’s Growing Third Sector

How Will the Church Respond?

The editor's perspective.

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China’s NGOs

From a Bonsai to a Large Tree

A look at the recent growth of NGOs in China.

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East-West Exchange Promotes Nonprofit Development in China

A report of the China Charity Federation's visit to the US in the fall of 2000.

Peoples of China

Serving Minority Groups in China through NGOs

Serving among minorities in China's southwest.

Book Reviews

China’s New NGOs

250 Chinese NGOs: Civil Society in the Making, Nick Young ed., A Special Report from China Development Brief.

A review by Jim Nickel