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Pentecost in China (1)


The author delves into the history of how Pentecostalism came to China in the late nineteenth century. He introduces us to early missionaries—including women—Chinese leaders, and revivals.

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Marital Issues Facing Chinese Missionaries

Marital satisfaction greatly affects missionaries’ effectiveness and length of ministry. After looking at reasons missionary marriages succeed, Tsai provides suggestions for providing support for Chinese missionaries.

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“Kiwis” in the Middle Kingdom

New Zealanders Serving God’s Mission in China from 1877 to 1953 and Beyond

Yuan provides an extensive overview of early mission work in China done by New Zealanders. She acquaints us with mission agencies and some of the missionaries as she describes how the work progressed.

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The Christian World They Made Together: 1850–1911

History of Chinese Christianity in North America (1)

The author explains the growth of the Chinese diaspora and Chinese immigration to the United States and Canada as well as the events that gave birth to North American Chinese Christianity.

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Short-Term Missions in Africa with Chinese Diaspora Mission

Today's Challenges

Two short-term team members tell us their purpose, give us a model, and recount their experiences in Kenya. They hope to mobilize Chinese churches in North America and mainland China to send short-term and long-term missionaries to Africa as well as raise up diaspora Chinese missionaries from Africa.


The International Church Role in Chinese Missionary Sending, Part 1

Strategies for General Partnership between Chinese and International Mission Senders

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending. The international church seeks to partner with Chinese missionary senders. In addition to prayer, the international church can support Chinese missionary-senders through resource sharing, mission-sending organization support, and through business cooperation. Chinese medical missionary tentmaking as a business opportunity is examined as a prototype for other potential Chinese tentmaking missionaries. Leadership of Chinese missionary sending efforts must remain in Chinese hands.


Changing China, Continuing Challenges

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "What Every Expat in China Ministry Needs to Know" (CS Quarterly, 2013 Summer).

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The Indigenous Mission Movement from China [1]

A Current Assessment

The traditional definitions of missionary are not adequate for missionaries being sent from China; a new definition is needed due to the unique circumstances involved with those sent from this nation. Following this discussion, the author provides an overview of the current situation surrounding missionaries being sent from China.

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The Indigenous Mission Movement from China [2]

A Historical Review

For more than a century, there have been many indigenous mission movements from China, from Chinese, as well as from Central-coastal China that have experimented with mission endeavors. This article looks briefly at the most important of these undertakings by individuals and by groups.

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Biblical Mandates, God’s Calling, and Overseas Workers in China

Is the role of foreign workers in China changing? Yes and no. The biblical mandates remain unchanged: go into all the world; make disciples of all nations; love your neighbor; build my church. These scriptural imperatives also remain unfinished. Is the role of the foreign worker changing? It depends on where the worker is and who he or she relates to.