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Keeping a Cow

Practical Language Learning, Then and Now

Language learning must be useful to be effective. What phrases and vocabulary were essential in years gone by, aren’t making it into the language textbooks of today.

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Take Language Learning Seriously

A Book Recommendation

For many engaged in cross-cultural service (or preparing for it), language learning is often one of the most daunting tasks. Especially for those of us whose only experience is Spanish or French class in the American educational system, we are wholly unprepared, and most likely don’t even know where to begin.

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Ministry Among Minority Students

This article addresses the joys, challenges, and frustrations of reaching students from ethnic minority groups in China.

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Reflections on a US-based Chinese Language Journey (2)

The key question in language learning was answering a simple question: How do I maximize contact time with the language?

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Reflections on a US-based Chinese Language Journey (1)

A life-long language learner shares insights from his journey towards mastering Chinese.

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A Dictionary for Learning Theological Chinese

Mandarin students spend years learning the basics of daily language and only scratch the surface when it comes to spiritual and theological vocabulary. Here's a resource to help.

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No Language Requirement

China has offered me the most experiences for worshiping outside of my culture and this morning my mind wandered back to my first Sunday morning there.

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In Exile—Still Learning

Our teachers were absolute heroes. . . . They kept us learning as much as we could in the middle of strict quarantine for them and exile for us.

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Cultivating Chinese Missionaries Faithfully and Realistically

There is a Chinese saying 《十年树木,百年树人》 which means, “It takes ten years to grow a tree but a hundred to cultivate a person.”

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Priceless Words

The pitfalls of semantics in cross-linguistic communication.