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Dazzled by Our Lord’s Provision

We give thanks to God for our wonderful community of supporters, whose donations and prayers will help us follow the Lord’s call to spread the gospel among Chinese people globally.

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The Final Number Is In!

Thanks to all our wonderful friends and donors, we are looking forward to what 2022 will bring with renewed energy for our kingdom calling.

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Raising Support—an Uphill Struggle

For a missionary, raising support is no easy task. When we were preparing for our first term of service, I wasn’t sure how we were ever going to raise the required budget. But for Chinese missionaries, the task is even harder. Coming from a culture that is not accustomed to supporting missionaries, obtaining financial backing is an uphill struggle.

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The Challenges of Localization (4)


This is the fourth in a five-part series on localization of China ministry. Each essay centers on a different issue that the author has encountered as his organization goes through the process of handing over key leadership to local believers. The challenges are real, and the process is ongoing, meaning that some essays contain as many questions as answers.

Book Reviews

From Transaction to Transformation

Rediscovering the Biblical Foundations of Fund Raising

A review of The Sower: Redefining the Ministry of Raising Kingdom Resources by R. Scott Rodin and Gary G. Hoag.

For those assigned to raising funds for the ministries they represent, this book, by seasoned fund development professionals, suggests a shift requiring a reorientation of the view of fund raising. Rather than seeing it as a process of reaping financial increase for God’s work, it should be seen as a process of sowing into the lives of God’s stewards. It is a reminder that it is God who gives the increase.