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Silent Nights, Resilient Lights

Christmases in China

Christmas is about love. It’s about peace. It’s about joy. These are not things that you have or you don’t—they are things you have already been given. They are yours, but you must choose to open them, to release them.

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Prepared in Advance

God is not limited, and we can trust that he is still working, in advance, in the hearts of those we meet on our campuses.

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Faith. Hope. Love.

For many years I had a scroll hanging on my wall with the Chinese characters for faith, hope, and love. If the Biblical admonition to be salt and light includes our home decorations, well, this little piece of parchment was salty indeed.

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My Journey to Professionalism in Teaching

"I hadn’t planned on teaching. Although I love English and had even majored in English literature at university, I didn’t like public speaking."

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Want to Work in China?

How Do You Rate?

Top Talent? Professional Talent? Or Unskilled Worker?

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7 Trends for Foreign Christians in China

The traditional roles of foreign Christians in China are changing. 

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“Foreign Teachers” in China

"Foreign teachers" impact students in China in many ways. There are also challenges to be met