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Caring for Elderly Parents in China

Through the Eyes of an American

"Faithful love in action" as Chinese adult children care for their aging parents.

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Making It Safer for Seniors to Stay Active

Raising Up Trained Caregivers

I was riding on the subway in Wuhan one afternoon, standing in the middle of a very crowded car. A frail senior gentleman was sitting in a seat near me. When we came to the next stop, a senior woman, who was standing by the door, started shouting at him to hurry and get off the train. He stood up and those of us around him helped him get to the doorway as quickly as possible, but by the time he got there, the door started to close. The woman was already on the platform, but he was still standing in the car. When the doors closed, the glass platform door closed on his arm, and the car door closed on his head. 

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Senior Care in China

Will the Church Step Up?

Looking at the challenges of the growing population of the elderly in China and the opportunities for churches to meet the needs. 

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The Greying of China and the Church’s Response

As China’s elderly population mushrooms and its working-age population shrinks, Christian families find themselves caught in the middle of this demographic divide. Cultural expectations and legal requirements put the onus on them to care for older family members, but neither the government nor the society at large are adequately prepared to support this effort.